Cultivation y Collection

Collecting the fruits at the optimum moment of ripeness is essencial for producing the ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil GARCIA MURO. These fruits are collected with great care not to damage them and they are taken to the olive-press as fast as possible in order to guarantee its complete properties.  


The fruits are grinded on the collection day; otherwise the lenght of storage would cause them to lose their properties. The fruit of olive tree is cleaned, washed and classified according its quality. The vegetal tissues are broken with olive crop crushers in order to liberate the ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The result is a homogeneous paste, that is cold- pressed. The ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by decanting or centrifugation process, apart from water.    

Once the ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained, it is stored in stainless steel containers, out of direct sunlight. During this time, the oil is free from extreme movements and the storage temperature is moderate and constant. 



The packing of ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil GARCIA MURO is made unfiltered.

Due to the lack of filtering process, small sediments can appear at the bottom of the container, which shows how natural and healthy is our product.  





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ORGANIC Extra Virgin Oilve Oil